Miniature Pottery by Jon Almeda

Washington-based artist Jon Almeda creates these detailed small scale ceramics using a custom designed motorized curio wheel.

"I am a bit of an extremist. For many years I was throwing massive pieces, the bigger the better type mentality. While browsing a book store, I came across a book called “Creating Ceramic Miniatures” that really changed my whole outlook and approach. I went to the opposite end of the spectrum and began working in 1″ scale. Throwing small really allows me to focus on the shape and form of a piece. It is a very meditative form of creation. I enjoy the process of making small vases and bowls that without any scale or context look exactly like their larger counterpart in detail and proportion."

"Inspiration comes from the surrounding areas where I spend most my time. The calm cool dark waters and tall evergreens of the Pacific Northwest and the luscious flora and textures of the ocean in Hawaii."

Check his website: and Etsy store


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