Yarn and Stick Mandalas by Jay Mohler

North Carolina based artist Jay Mohler created these mandalas made of sticks and yarn for his series 'Ojos de Dios' or 'God’s Eye'.

"I starting making Ojos de Dios in my hippie days, back in the late 60’s, after seeing Ojos sent as part of an exhibit sent by the Dalai Lama of Tibet. These ojos from Tibet were almost exactly the same as ojos I’d seen earlier made by Hucholes in Mexico. Since then I’ve evolved my own work to 12-sided designs that I believe encompass patterns of many beliefs around the world.”

Jay not only sells his work, he also sells DIY kits for just under $30 for you to try making one :)

Check his website: www.ojos-de-dios.com/ and  Etsy store


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