31 Days of Creativity with Food by Hong Yi

Malaysian artist Hong Yi, aka Red, takes playing with food to a whole new level.

"I didn't have any paint or paint brushes with me, so I opened the fridge and got a bottle of Korean chilli paste instead, and drew on a plate."

"That was when my interest in working with unusual media started."

"I believe we need to break routines sometimes and bend rules a bit, do we really have to stick to painting on cartridge paper? What if I feel like painting on my plate, table, shoe?"

"It's hard working with Oreo cream in tropical weather cos they melt really fast, [and] it's tricky to avoid getting bits of the cookie onto the cream while molding the shapes out."

"It is my hope that my work has sparked an interest in art, especially for people who usually don't pay any attention to it, and I really hope that it inspires people to try new things, to question and to test their boundaries."

"I hope this inspires you and makes you realize that you can get creative with anything, even with limited tools, and that like a child, you'll see joy and fun even in ordinary, everyday items."

All images are © Copyright of Hong Yi

Check her website: www.redhongyi.com

Source: dailymail


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