3D Floral Watercolor Drawing by Lim Zhi Wei

Singaporean artist Lim Zhi Wei and her team made a series of “flowergirls” which features watercolor images of ladies with beautiful dresses made of flower petals.

"For the flower series, I tend to avoid portraying certain specific characters as I wish every viewer could relate the art in his/her own way of imagination. Most of them are drawn directly from my mind."

For this 'Maleficent', Lim making full use of an entire rose. The horns are made of sepals and the wand is a rose stem. The cloak is made of petals.

"In this artwork, I try to fuse the watercolor and dyed rose so everything looks 'blended' together without any obvious edges of the paint and petals."

All images are © Copyright of Lim Zhi Wei

Check her blog: http://lovelimzy.blogspot.sg/


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