Suspended Charcoal by Seon Ghi Bahk

Seoul-based artist Seon Ghi Bahk created these delicate charcoal installations that hang from nylon threads for his series 'An Aggregation', that explores the complex relationship between nature and humanity.

"I first used stones as materials for the installations…but the supporting structure and installation became unnecessarily large and overwhelmed the stones so I replaced the stones with charcoal. Since I spent my childhood out in nature, I wanted to embrace natural things in my work. I found that my favorite things in nature were wind, mountains and trees. But it was difficult to express wind or mountains in my work, so I chose trees as an alternative, and charcoal comes derives from that…now I seek natural encounters between man and culture…I emphasize the materiality in its poetic shapes."

You can see more at his exhibition, titled 'Fiction of the Fabricated Image' at the Zadok Gallery in Miami until August 25, 2014.

Source: Korean Artist Project


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