Pipe Cleaners Sculptures by Lauren Ryan

California-based artist Lauren Ryan curls, twists and bends different colored pipe cleaners, or chenille stems, into these realistic animal sculptures.

"To begin I start with the eyes, which usually happen to be some of the most challenging parts. After I’m more or less satisfied with them, I begin attaching strands to make a sort of frame for the head before building out around the eyes in layers. From there on, most of the body is built out bit by bit, with a simple frame as a guide for proportions. I use a technique that’s somewhere between weaving, sewing and tying annoyingly complicated knots."

“I never use glue (to me that is like cheating), and only occasionally use scissors.”

"Occasionally for areas that are tighter I use needle-nose pliers. Colours are purely pipe cleaner most of the time but for more detailed shading and colours that haven’t been manufactured I will sometimes use markers."

Check her website: http://chenillestems.blogspot.com.au/

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