Mosaic Portraits

Hand-cast Urethane Fish Self-Portrait by Kevin Champeny

This 65-pound greyscale image Self Portrait by artist Kevin Champeny is made of 5,000 hand-cast urethane fish.


"I chose mosaics because of the tension I could create between the sculpted and cast pixels and the overall image they created. The hope was to create a conversation for the viewer, a conversation about the relationship, good or bad, subject verses theme, and so on."


"I want people to talk about what these pieces mean to them, how their own experiences make sense of the choices I made when creating the work."


Fabric Padded Portraits by Hjortefar

Studio Hjortefar made two portraits entitled “Bum and Nanna” that were constructed with 6,728 colored cloth squares for Kvadrat’s “Hallingdal 65” exhibition.


Nails and Screws Self-portrait by Shannon Larratt

Artist Shannon Larratt has created a unique self-portrait using a four foot sheet of heavy 3/4″ plywood as canvas and six different kinds of nails and screws space roughly 5/16″ apart.


There are around 20,000 pixels in this portrait, and using over 10,000 nails. The whole thing weighs around two hundred pounds.

Poppies Giant Artwork by Ted Harrison

Artist Ted Harrison created a giant artwork on the floor of St. Paul’s cathedral, in London, using over 5,000 poppies.


The flowers form an image of three child soldiers, one from World War 2 and two from more recent conflicts. The installation is part of the St Paul’s Cathedral Arts Project and was created to raise awareness to the issue of children being used as soldiers.


“The poppy is now a universal symbol of remembrance. At the time of year when we rightly recall British soldiers, sailors and airmen who have given their lives for their country, this work is a reminder of the many children who have also, throughout history, died as members of the armed forces."


"Today a UN convention forbids the conscription of anyone under 18 years of age, but the convention is widely ignored. It is estimated there are 250,000 children worldwide in military service, a third of whom are girls. When the work is viewed from above I hope something of the innocence of these children is conveyed along with a sense of innocence betrayed,”

Source: odditycentral

Thread Spool Monalisa by Ejjeh & Sons

Lebanon-based custom tailors Ejjeh & Sons commissioned advertising agency République Beirut to create this depiction of the Mona Lisa out of 2,156 spools of thread in 63 colors.

It took 10 designers and 3 months to plan the portrait.


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