Milky Pin-Ups by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

London-based artist and Founder of AurumLight Studio Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz pouring milk on pin-up girls and captures with high-speed liquid photography that it looks like a perfectly crafted dress, entitled 'Milky Pin-Ups'.

"This time I thought it will be cool to approach the liquid theme in a more relaxed and funny way."

"So we threw some colors into the mix and came up with a personal Milky PinUp tribute to my favorite pin-up style artists."

"Liquid Illustrations are made with milk or water. Using special lighting and camera the movement and the splash of liquid is frozen in time and morphed into hi-fashion."

"Yes, real milk is thrown onto a real model. Every single element, splash and prop is photographed on the day and in the same time. We really throw liquid on the body of the model – it is as simple as that."

"But at the same time it is a very precise, and “technically” orientated work that requires a lot of dedication and patience from the whole team."

"Some illustrations need around 200 frames to make sure that we have everything, others even more than that."

"The bottom line is that every single element you see in the final illustration comes from a RAW photograph–it is not painted in Photoshop. The number of frames with separate splashes of milk are layered in Photoshop and carefully seamlessly mixed to complete the dress."

All images are © Copyright of Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

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