Mural Beyond the Frame by Maki Ohkojima

Japanese artist Maki Ohkojima created what she calls 'the mural beyond the frame', where she drew on the wall surrounding a frame, enabling the viewer to see the scenery and the world of the picture in a wider frame.

"When drawing a picture, I always think that the picture I am drawing in that moment is merely one part of a larger world and narrative."

"This feeling might be similar to the one experienced when you encounter some scene that can stir your heart. It is just like when you try to take a picture of some beautiful scenery but inevitably, the image created only captures one piece of the real magnificence of the scene."

"It is for this reason that I try, when I have the opportunity, to reveal other parts that I could not include in the canvas. The picture depicted around the canvas connecting the image, is one of many attempts to achieve this expansion."

"Beginning from a small canvas and spreading the picture out beyond the frame, my intention is to utilize this approach as a device for widening vision and broadening the angle with which to view the world."

"By drawing like this, the land and the picture are becoming further connected and one piece of scenery, which I could not see before, is starting to emerge."

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