Wire Bird Sculptures by Celia Smith

UK artist Celia Smith create delicate bird sculptures and installations using various forms of wire, that look like detailed sketches drawn by pen.

"I use wire to create sculptures. Each sculpture that I make is a three-dimensional drawing with the wires representing a quality of line."

"Birds are my main inspiration; capturing their movement and character is my primary concern. I find that wire has a spontaneity that can give my sculptures a feeling of life and energy."

"I like the fact that you can change it and re-work things in wire. And I think birds and wire go together. The wire gives the sculptures a sense of lightness and movement that you wouldn’t get if you used other materials."

"I always have a sketch book on the go and when I visit a reserve to study a particular bird, I make a series of sketches (although I will also do little wire studies) which I then build up in the studio to make a life-size piece."

"I don’t really like using photographs as I find the results too staid and too detailed – they’re quite frustrating. I find I get to understand how a bird moves and flies much better if I study it for several hours and try and capture it on paper. All birds have different characters – some are more twitchy than others – and you need to look at them closely to get their character."

All images are © Copyright of Celia Smith

Check her website: http://celia-smith.co.uk/gallery/

Source: Ideas In The Making


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