Blackboard Adventures by Anna Eftimie

California-based photographer Anna Eftimie and her husband from Cute Moments Photography, an award-winning baby photography studio based out of San Jose, California, created a series entitled 'Blackboard Adventures' where Anna shoots a baby on chalkboards, while her husband chalks out the creative scenarios.

“These are the adventures of a little guy on a blackboard. When we say “little”, we mean it: He was 5 days old in the one with the stork,and three months in the last one. How we did it? Simple! We just made the drawings with real chalk on a real blackboard, like we used to do in school. Then, we took the photos of the baby while sleeping on a soft and warm cloth on the blackboard, right in the middle of his own story. Even though our son looks like sleeping directly on the blackboard, he always had something soft underneath him.”

"Being a perfectionist I pay attention to very little details which is important to the final look of every image.

"If you combine that with my husband's creativity and passion for creating cool looking set-ups, you will get the photos that I really love working with - fresh and unique."

All images are © Copyright of Anna Eftimie

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