Embroidered Landscapes by Ana Teresa Barboza

Perú-based artist Ana Teresa Barboza uses yarn, thread, wool, and fabric to produce these unique embroidery works.

"I’m interested in the different concepts one can arrive at by using clothing and embroidery as an artistic medium."

"By using embroidery, which is a traditionally feminine language, the images acquire new meaning as they produce a marked dissonance between image and technique."

"Both embroidery and crocheting are techniques that require time. I use these techniques in order to make a connection between manual work and the processes of nature; creating thread structures similar to the structures that make a plant for example. My aim is to create pieces of work that simulates experiments, aiming to reconstruct nature, teaching us to have a new and fresh look at it."

Check her website: http://anateresabarboza.blogspot.fr/


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