Coolest Cable Organizers

These clever cord organizers will keep electronics tangle-free in a cool and creative way ;)

Wire Bloom Cable Clips

These creative clips are the simplest way to hold your wires to the wall or floorboard. The green leaves hold your wire strongly according to your adjustments, and makes the wires part of the room decoration. Each pack contains 12 leaves and 1 beautiful red bird.

The Wall Cleat

Wall Cleat is a creative design that is very useful to wrap long length cable with two simple tab wire holders on the ends of a standard cover plate for holding your wire.

Plug Hub Cable Organizer

This Plug Hub organizing and hiding your power strip and cords in a box with three integrated cord anchor box. It can easily mount to a wall.

Cable Turtle Organizer

This award winning cable management system is a uniquely designed cable organization tool which features an appearance similar to that of a turtle shell which is capable of taking excess cables and enclosing them within its shell delivering a neater and cleaner appearance within a room.

One Man Tied Cable Organizer

Organize your home or office by tying this little guy as a cord manager. It has a suction cup base to put his foot down, keeping cords wrapped up and tied.

Contort Flexible USB Hub

Contort is a four-port USB hub and cord manager.

Leaf Tie Organizer

The Leaf tie is an attractive way to organize your wires and cables while bringing life to a dull area.


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