Alumosaics by Jeff Ivanhoe

Jeff Ivanhoe created these colorful mosaics made out of tiles hand-cut from recycles soda and beer cans, called 'alumosaics'.

"'All I use is empty Coca-Cola and other brands of aluminium cans people throw away. Everybody gives me cans now all of the time so I need to keep working to get through them all."

"A 36-inch by 48-inch Alumosaic takes approximately two to three weeks to complete if I work solidly for between four and six hours a day."

"It started 33 years ago when I invented a stretch shoelace and decided to put an aluminium tip on it so it would look unique. I used aluminium cans and cut them to wrap around lace tips to make samples."

"Unfortunately I never made a penny on the lace idea, but my wife Barbara started fooling around with the coloured side of the pieces I had on my work bench."

"She made an eye out of the colours which got us thinking - so we decided to work on a piece together."

However the first attempt wasn't entirely successful.

"It was called "Yellowfeather" but it didn't last - I didn't know how to seal it so it got mouldy and I had to destroy it."

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Source: dailymail


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