Creative Billboard Campaign

We have seen some of the most creative billboard here and here. Check more creative billboards from around the world :)

NFS (Dutch Stutter Foundation): Stutter billboard

"Be patient with people who stutter"


Often not-stuttering people (accidentally) interrupt people who stutter, by finishing their sentences. This billboard tells them this isn’t necessary: most of the time just having a little patience is enough.

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer: Baldy

This outdoor billboard for Panasonic's new nose hair trimmer by Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia, built around actual electric wires and poles to dramatise the idea of long nose hairs and the need for the panasonic nose hair trimmer’s safety cutting system.


ZDF: Interrupt

German agency Kolle Rebbe created this creative ads for ZDF, an erotic movies channel.


Alcro: Colour Tackle

We illustrate a Swedish ice hockey player in a dramatic tackle with an opponent from another team. The visual and dramatic colour splash also went outside the traditional frames of advertising billboards in a very literal way.


Hair Club: Restore it


Eskom 49 Million: Glow in the Dark Billboard

South Africa’s state owned electricity provider Eskom brings this creative ad of using electricity wisely. It is an advertising campaign by Eskom to save energy.


Colorado State Patrol: Don’t Lose Your Head

"You can turn any car into a convertible. Tailgating a truck can turn any car into a convertible"


SAIT Polytechnic: Aging billboards

The tri-panel aging billboards crafted by Canadian agency WAX Partnerships and advertises SAIT Polytechic, show students’ faces in three stages of aging. The aging billboards theme ‘Get a Career You’ll Never Want to Leave’ is repeated with online banner ads where the student’s face ages when the user clicks on the banner, or waits until the aging takes place on its own.


The aged images were created using a Facebook application, created by SAIT Polytechnic, called ‘The Seniorizer.’ Users can upload a photo and watch it grow old complete with crow’s feet for women and balding for men.

Coca Cola Ecological Advertisement

Coca Cola created this eco friendly giant billboard made up of 3,600 pots of Fukien tea plants that absorb the air pollutants in the atmosphere, located in the heart of Manila's busiest street.


The billboard has the dual effect of high visibility and meeting an environmental need. Momentum Philippines, which created the campaign, said it is intended to connect with consumers on a physical and mental level, making them aware of environmental issues while transforming the out-of-home advertising medium.

Nikon D700: The Sensory Light Box

Nikon mounted a huge interactive billboard at a busy Seoul subway station. Some sensors are detecting when passers-by walking in front of the ad and activates the paparazzi’s flashes. At the end of the hallway where the red carpet ended, was a Nikon shop which the red carpet led you to.


Martor Solingen: Extremely Sharp

Germany razor company Martor Solingen created these advertisements to show how sharp the razor blade is that cuts objects underneath (like pigeons and boulders) in half.


Source: adsoftheworld


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