Bottom Feeders by Mary O’Malley

Ceramic artist Mary O’Malley creates sculptural oceanic ceramics adorned with barnacles, tentacles, and other living sea creatures for her series titled ‘Bottom Feeders’.

"I make the pieces entirely out of porcelain so that they are fully functional. The use of the object generally elicits some uneasiness due to their seemingly delicate aesthetic so most are satisfied by just looking at them."

"I had made a few pieces here and there over the years experimenting with octopus tentacles and sea creatures and so decided to explore this work further while I was home by the ocean. The marriage of experimenting with the technical boundaries of porcelain, the visual stimulation of living near the water and the memories from my child hood, and creating formal functional ware (my original passion) is what created this series."

"What interested me with this series, is by applying the creatures to plates and bowls I was reminded of naturally occurring circumstances where nature takes over man made scenarios. Humans are constantly vying for power against the natural world but we can never quite seem to win."

"Once I started to create these pieces I then started to notice the same pattern going on in the world around me: moss growing on a concrete wall, barnacles growing on the side of a dock, tufts of grass poking up through cracks in the sidewalk, etc. Maybe I am interested in this series because it is a truer representation of the world we exist in."

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