Creative Necklace Designs

Check these creative pendants and necklaces that would catch anyone’s attention ;)

Cut It This Way Scissor Necklace by lapinPetite

Etsy user lapinPetite from Prague, Czech Republic created this creative necklace.

“Black scissors and long beads make effect like cut of on paper directions for clothes or something. This slice almost invisible steel string make the effect perfect. Scissor is from black polymer.3,5 cm long. Can be made from white plastic and white beads too- ideal for black clothes.”

Tanama Diver Necklaces by Takayuki Fukusawa

Japanese designer Takayuki Fukusawa from Japanese design firm EkoD Works created these pendant series, called 'Tanima Diver' where the figurines seem to be diving down into their wearers’ breasts.

Check the website:

A Wearable Planter by Colleen Jordan

These 3D-printed necklaces that can fit tiny plants and flowers are all crafted, computer-designed, and hand-dyed in her studio in Atlanta.

Check her website:

Matching T-Shirts & Necklaces by Luft und Liebe

German brand Luft und Liebe (Air and Love) creates these creative matching t-shirts and necklaces. The t-shirts are the background to the pendants, but you can also wear them separately.

Check the website:

Watering Can Necklace by FiveLittleGems

Wrecking Ball & Atlas Pendant by Towndesign

Tightrope Walk Necklace by François Locher

Swinging Pinup Girl Necklace by MarKhed Design

Happy Sloth Necklace by marymaryhandmade

A Walk In The Park Necklace by lilianadesign

Pizza Necklace by Lotusfairy

This pizza friendship necklace is a great gift for groups of friends.


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