Proposition One by Max De Esteban

Spanish fine-art photographer Max De Esteban created this series of photographs entitled 'Proposition One' where he deconstructs each object and shot layer by layer (after spray-painting them white), then photographically reassembled.

The result is an x-ray like artworks, displaying the inner complexities and complex design of these devices.

"The series of images have an x-ray, mortuary quality; as forensic testimonies of a past existence; vestiges of their inner structure can be clearly identified while others fade or have disappeared as in decomposing organic bodies. By eliminating the objects’ individual peculiarities, each photograph becomes a generic symbol of decay and death. While sophisticated and state-of-the-art not long ago, these tools evoke today a sense of fragility, archaism and trauma."

"In constructing this photo-installation my concerns are: the consequences of today’s accelerated embracement of new technologies and formats in the art practice; the political implications of technical and functional obsolescence; and the conflicts involved in the concept of progress."

All images are © Copyright of Max De Esteban

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