Carved Crayon Sculptures by Hoang Tran

Californian artist Hoang Tran, left dentistry school to become an artist and spent hours creating iconic characters of television and film out of crayons.

"It all started about three or four years ago. Online, I saw the crayon carvings of another artist named Diem Chau. So the idea of carving crayons wasn’t originally mine. It was something that I wanted to try but at the time, I was just too busy."

"Then about half a year ago, a friend of mine was putting on a small art show and asked if I wanted to participate. I’m not the painter type but I remembered the crayon carvings and thought I could fit that with the theme of the art show. I ended up carving a handful of crayons and they were well received at the show."

"Afterwards, I thought about how there were not many people doing this and maybe I could help fill this void. I decided to spend a week carving some new crayons to see what would happen. I posted images online and eventually some became popular and things kind of took off from there."

"I had a lot of experience carving wax, in dental school we had to learn how to carve wax teeth for the fabrication of gold crowns."

"Depending on the difficulty of what I'm trying to carve, it takes me about two to three hours to mostly finish one - a lot shorter than when I first started."

"There is some irony that even though I left dentistry behind I'm still using my dental instruments today - hopefully still creating smiles."

"Sometimes the colour of a crayon is the influence for a creation."

For the multi-coloured sculptures, he integrate the other colours with the main crayon colour by
melting the wax from one crayon and carefully apply it drop by drop to the main crayon he is working on and then carve it when it hardens.

The tricky part is that the melted wax will end up melting some of the main crayon as well and cause undesired streaks of one color going into the other when he want them to be distinct and separate. But over time he is getting better at handling the melted wax but it is definitely still a challenge at times.

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