Cartoon Bombing by Troqman

Amsterdam-based French illustrator and art director David Troquier a.k.a Troqman, created these clever illustrations that cleverly interact with their environment, for his series 'Cartoon Bombing'.

"Cartoonbombing was born in June 2013, during a holiday in the Greek islands. I brought a sketchbook and was hoping to do some travel sketches but got bored just drawing at landscapes or people at the beach."

“I started drawing characters who were interacting with the environment. Other people and I thought it was cool because what I love more than drawing is making stories. I write some comic book stories (for myself so far).”

“I realized that those cartoon bombing characters could bring so much more stories to a daily/boring environment.”

“Everybody can see this garbage along the road but nobody really sees it. But with my pencil and sketchbook, I can decide this garbage is a toxic plant, or draw a mutant coming out of it, or I can imagine it is a spaceship and I draw spacemen boarding it.”

“Since then, I always look around when I’m riding my bicycle or walking in Amsterdam or during a trip. I have my bag with several sketchbooks and black pencils, and my iPhone. I don’t force myself to find an idea – things come up into my head when I see something inspiring.”

“That’s why I named it cartoon bombing – cause I really feel the characters were hiding there and just waited until I came by and took the picture.”

“There is no purpose to those images. I think the word that leads me in my life, advertising or illustrations, is ‘Entertainment.’ I just have fun creating them and drawing those characters. It’s good to see that people like it and that it makes them smile, because that’s the only purpose.”

“I try to create one cartoon bombing per day, but its not that easy because of my advertising work, which comes first. Sometimes I get my ideas first so I write them down in a notebook for later, like ‘if I see some leaves turning red in autumn, I can draw a painter next to them, painting them.’”

All images are © Copyright of Troqman

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