Chicken Wire Sculptures by Ivan Lovatt

Artist Ivan Lovatt has recreated these incredible sculptures using galvanised chicken wire.

"Sculptors are always looking for new media and novel ways to use what is available. I had used chicken wire many times to give structure to other types of sculpture."

"I then started using the wire to sculpt wildlife and as my skills developed I was drawn to the challenge of portrait sculpture."

"With creative thinking and some trial and error I have developed a range of techniques which allow me a good deal of expression and versatility."

Most of his wire portraits take over a month to complete and the 'average' sculpture is about one and a half times larger than life size, measure up to 14 feet. And the largest of his pieces can be made of up to 820 feet of chicken wire.

"It's very time consuming, but very satisfying."

Check his website:

Source: dailymail


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