Geometric Glass Patterns by Chris Wood

Cambridgeshire-based artist Chris Wood creates these geometric arrangements of colorful glass that reflect patterns of color and texture.

"Glass is a material which allows me to exploit the aesthetic potential of light. Minimal structures, support simple arrangements of glass, which interact with light to create complex patterns of light and shade, which change depending upon the position of the viewer and the angle of the light source."

"The optical materials I use in my work range from a simple water filled wine glass to the highly technical dichroic glass, basically anything that allows me to express the magic of light."

"My work explores the physics of light, creating optically kinetic works that delight and engage the viewer, asking them to question ‘how’. I aim to encourage the viewer to consider the materiality of light itself by harnessing and ordering the light into ephemeral patterns of changing colour, light and shade."

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