Reconnected by Philippe Handford

Chief designer and lead artist Philippe Handford created these sculptures in Aitken Wood, near Barley for Pendle Sculpture Trail called 'Reconnected 1' and 'Reconnected 2', to show what trees look like just as they're about to fall and evoke a sense of perpetual movement.

"My work on the trail is site specific and inspired by the location. Both Reconnected 1 and 2 are on the site of illegally felled trees. My sculptures are an attempt to visually reunite tree stump and trunk."

"I love the challenges presented by the environment, terrain and weather. The piece has practical considerations so a metal support structure is required but kept to a minimum so as not to detract from the natural element."

"Designing a frame for an isolated location brings it's own challenges and relies on accurate dimensions and detailed survey of the site.The trunk was sliced before I designed the supporting structure. Each trunk slice is supported by a bracket that is individually bolted to the frame. The two ends of the curved steel is welded to a ring that fits the profile of the trunk."

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