Matchstick Church Models by Wieslaw Łaszkiewicz

Polish folk artist Wieslaw Laszkeiwick created beautiful replicas of churches around the world using hundreds of thousands of matches, pieces of cardboard and microscopic slides.

This replica of the 17th century monument, the Church of St. Nicholas in Zamosc stood almost 5 feet tall, using almost half a million matchsticks bound on to matching paper, and was intended to be a gift to Pope Benedict XVI. He covered the completed sculpture with several coats of varnish and special glue.

He also mounted a bulb inside to illuminate the stained glass windows, made from hundreds of pieces of glass. It took him a year to complete the project.

“Not all the matches are suitable, it depends on the manufacturer. Some of them cannot be polished, some cannot be formed. You have to know which one to use for forming, which one to use to be polished, which one can be carved – this kind of match has to be soft, has to be from a different kind of wood. Different wood structures meet in matches; you need to know how to sort them. Because if you don’t know your matches, you can use one wrong match and then not be able to polish the whole structure because one match is wrong.”

Source: odditycentral


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