Creative USB Hubs

Nowadays, USB hubs come in all shapes and sizes. Check these most unique and creative USB hub designs :)

Smoko Inc. Toaster USB Hub

This adorable little toaster shaped USB hub comes with 4 ports and an SD card slot, provides data transfer speeds up to 480Mbit/s. The USB toaster hub can be purchased with matching 4GB toast-shaped USB thumb drives.

Each piece of toast has a little face and personality modeled after buttered toast, rye bread, burnt toast and potato bread. The creator has even named the four drives Butta, Ry Ry, Crisp and Tato



1608 Airplane USB Hub "Ronda Waid Collection"

This miniature USB airplane hub is packed with plenty of features! It's propeller doubles as a desktop fan activated by an on/off button. Leg stand props the plan up. And LED indicator notifies USB connectivity.


Submarine USB Hub

The submarine USB hub not only offers five USB (2.0) ports, but it also works as a memory card reader, with support for SD, SDHC, micro SD (T-Flash), micro SDHC, MiniSD, MS duo, M2, and XD-Picture cards.


Pig Buddies USB Hub

The sow is basically a USB hub, while the tiny piglets are the flash drives. The Pig Buddies are a concept design by We Play God.


Transformer Laptop USB Hub

This creative USB hub transforms from a robot into a tiny laptop computer with 4 port USB hub.


Tulip USB Hub

The USB Tulip Hub is a 4-way port adapter that cleverly hides flexible USB ports into a tulip design.

Skull USB Hub

This skull shaped USB hub constructed of resin. The broken skull measures 6 x 4 x 3.5 inches, and comes with 4 USB ports respectively placed both sides of the mouth of the skull. The USB hub supports USB 2.0 standard. Moreover, It also has a long USB cable measuring 56 inches long. The hollow of the brainpan can hold your other gadgets such as keys, pens, business cards, and etc.

Duragadget Octopus USB Hub

This 4-port USB hub allows you to turn one USB port into four so you can have space for all your peripherals. All four USB ports are USB 2.0 compatible and are all supplied the correct amount of power.


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