Textportraits by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer

Mannheim-based German artist Ralph Ueltzhoeffer created detailed images from thousands of written words, called 'Textportraits'.

He takes photos of celebrities from the Internet and recreates them with words randomly-selected from Internet biographies, fragments of words and phrases, and Wikipedia articles about these famous people.

“The art project text portrait exclusively works with personal data in most different combinations on thousands of websites. Text portrait is not as usually limited to only one internet website, but spreads out to in the meantime hundreds of websites worldwide. Thousands of clicks daily grant this project great power of information. The art project text portrait purposefully abuses personal data and links these directly to the TEXTPORTRAIT project. As the art project, due to its capacity, reproduces itself independently through the net, there has been no way to end this project promptly for some time.”

Check his website: http://www.ueltzhoeffer.com/


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