Weedrobes by Nicole Dextras

Environmental artist Nicole Dextras eco-wearable dresses is made of live plants, including flowers, leaves and even thorns.

Yucca Prom Dress: Made from Yucca plants growing in my yard. I was astounded to find out that my neighbor considered these plants an invasive nuisance, as she happily let me harvest hers for this project.

"My focus as an artist is to create environmental art and ephemeral installations based on the principles of a socially engaged art practice."

Crab Apple Gown: An elegant sleeveless dress made from strung crab apples with a flounce made of Kale

"The Weedrobes series, which began in 2005 as an experiment in making garments from leaves and flowers has now evolved into a series that also examines consumerism, the fashion industry and the constructed landscape."

Cabbage Smock: Various Cabbages, Gunnera leaves, beans and thorns. The edible smock was left for the local bunnies the next day.

"The intention of the Weedrobes series is to engage the public on several levels: through street interventions, garden settings and gallery exhibitions. Each new piece begins as a wearable sculpture constructed from local and renewable plant materials. It is then photographed with a model in a landscaped urban setting emphasizing the impact of humans on the natural environment."

Sunday Best: Laurel leaves, Ligularia Dentata leaves, Rosehips and various leaves. Reminiscent of the types of jackets women used to wear to the Easter Sunday Church Service. The large thorns are used as pins to hold all the leaves together.

"All of the artwork I create is ephemeral; after a while it disintegrates and then it leaves no trace."

Camellia Countessa is a wearable garment made entirely from leaves, branches and flowers. The design is based on the French Pannier (basket) dress, which where originally constructed from Willow branches.

"The basic intent of my art is to challenge the prevalent colonial mindset that assumes that the natural world is either a resource for us to exploit or a recreational playground for our amusement."

All images are © Copyright of Nicole Dextras

Check her website: http://www.nicoledextras.com/


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