Giant Sculptures

Artist: Anastassia Elias

Paris-based artist Anastassia Elias (previously here) a beautiful elephant made of thread that measured 200 x 150 cm, titled 'Tightrope' for Le Génie des Jardins.

Check her website:

Artist: Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa created this 6.5 meters high (21 feet) gigantic sculpture of a man sitting at at Place Vendôme, made up of music notes, called 'Istanbul Blues'.

Check his website:

Artist: Kevin Stone

Chilliwack, British Columbia-based Kevin Stone created greatest stainless steel sculptures in the world.

This bald eagle in the attacking pose, called 'Power and Authority', is 20 ft high and has a massive 31 ft wingspan.

He spend almost two years for this 85 ft long mirror polished stainless steel sculpture, the 'Imperial Water Dragon', weight 6000 lb, 12 ft high, 14 ft wide and 35 ft long, made for River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

"My sculptures are designed to attract attention, create emotion, invite contemplation and conversation, state boldly, add beauty and style to their environment, and become a fabulous focal point. I enjoy the challenge of each clients needs, and bringing my clients visions to life. I build each piece to be enjoyed for many generations to come."

Check his website:

Artist: David Herbert

American sculptor David Herbert created this unique alien sculpture called 'Monarch' which is 8 ft tall and made of chicken wire, spray foam, plaster, chrome paint, colored paper, plywood and steel and took him two months to create.

Check his website:


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