Miniature Ship Made of Coins by Sergei Nikolayev Knurov

Ukrainian chef Sergei Nikolayev Knurov created a detailed miniature ship out of 17,000 Ukrainian coins and bank notes for sails.

Sergei first started the project with coins from his piggy bank, but when he ran out of material, he began to exchange paper money for coins.

Sergei used mainly 2 and 10 kopecks coins, and 25 five-hryvnia notes for the sails. He used silicate glue rather than regular super glue as it could have resulted in oxidization.

The foundation was laid with 25 and 50 kopeck coins, the body was constructed with 1, 2, and 5 kopecks and the edges are decorated with 10 kopecks. The master deck is made of wood and the sides have openings for cannon shells.

He works with his wife Alena for two to three hours a day and it took them 6 months to collect enough coins and build the model.

The finished model weight about 30 pounds and cost them 800 hryvnia, and they are now planning to auction it off for 4,000 hryvnia.

Source: odditycentral


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