Origami Paper Sculptures by Robert J. Lang

American origami artists Robert J. Lang is known for his complex and elegant designs, most notably of insects and animals. He has studied the mathematics of origami and used computers to study the theories behind origami.

"When I started out, I designed origami the way most people did: somewhat by trial and error. Over time, I built up a collection of techniques for solving individual problems: how do you turn a flap into a leg, or how do you make a rounded shape. Eventually, I began to recognize common principles that lay behind many different techniques, which allowed me to construct my own techniques; and even later, I figured out how to describe those principles mathematically, which led to further design advances."

"There are many genres of origami, including modular origami (many identical units from multiple sheets, such as my K2), composite origami (different parts of the subject from different sheets, such as my Orchid), and different shapes (such as my recent pots, which are from regular N-sided polygons). I fold in all genres, but probably 80-90% of what I do is from a single square, what is called in Japanese, fu-setsu sei-hokkei ichi-mai ori."

"Mathematics allows me to achieve artistic ideas and goals that I would have no idea how to accomplish otherwise. in addition, there artistic goals that come directly from mathematics, where the art is created to address a mathematical aesthetic."

Check his website: www.langorigami.com

Source: illustrationrevealed, designboom


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