Star Wars Staple Mosaics by James Haggerty

New York-based painter and printmaker James Haggerty created a series of incredibly detailed Star Wars character mosaics using thousands of multicolored staples.

The artist punches each staple into a painted board averaging about 40 x 32" in size.

He is using 10,496 staples to create Darth Vader portrait, 21,458 staples for Greedo and 33,580 staples for C-3PO.

"I discovered the potential of using staples to create works of art by daydreaming and playing around with an old stapler."

"Staples, just like an etched line, can be bold and graphic or soft and subdued."

"When I use coloured staples, each one acts like a dash of paint in a painting and when viewed from only a few steps back is optically mixed."

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