Flower Constructions by Anne ten Donkelaar

Netherlands-based artist Anne ten Donkelaar combine real pressed flowers with paper floral elements to create three-dimensional collages for her series 'Flower Constructions'.

Each piece is meticulously pinned onto a board to create depth and shadows.

"Imagine a big bang, a firework of flower seeds thrown into space. What would happen? New fragile flowers arise, new flower planets start evolving, planets where no one has ever been. These detailed landscapes seem to be elevated so you can walk through them. Weeds become poetry, each unique twig gets attention, nature seems to float."

Each work is composed of magazine cut-outs, dried plants, photos, and illustrations.

"Flower constructions are 3d collages from pressed flowers and cut out flower pictures. Each element is meticulously placed on pins which creates the depth. Some of them are like a fantasy Herbaria, filled with dried flowers or branches, with irregular shapes and sophisticated twists and some refer to planets."

Check her website: anneten.nl


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