Dancing Shadow Sculptures by Dpt. and Laurent Craste

Ceramacist Laurent Craste and digital agency Dpt. created this interactive art installation called 'Parade', for the Chromatic festival in Montreal.

"The installation consists in an imposing wooden cube. A lamp attached to the top of the structure dimly lights a livid and stripped scene where two porcelain vases lie on a white dresser. The lighting highlights their shadows on the wall. As soon as someone pushes the lightbulb, the shadows of the vases come to life and animate, as if by magic, to the rhythm of the swinging light source."

"There is indeed a hidden projector, and we are tracking the yellow light, getting coordinates (X, Y, Z) that are reproduced in a 3D environment (Unity 3D) in real time. Generating the visuals with a real hanging light would not have allowed for the same element of surprise/magic that we were able to achieve with these more intricate animations, we would just have had static shadows following the light source."


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