Papercut by Bovey Lee

Hong Kong born, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based artist Bovey Lee created these amazing paper cuts.

"Power, sacrifice, and survival are the underlying narratives in my cut paper works. Within the parameters of these three subjects, I create layered and dramatic stories referencing my life experiences, response to headline news, and concerns for urban and environmental issues."

"I hand cut each work on Chinese rice paper with silk backing. I define what I do as drawing with a knife. My life long love affair with art begins with practicing Chinese calligraphy and pencil drawing since age ten. When I cut paper, it is a visceral reaction and natural response to my affection for precision, detail, and subtlety."

"I use fairly simple tools and materials. To create the digital templates that guide me to cut, I use Photoshop, Illustrator, and a printer. For cutting I use Chinese xuan (rice) paper, X-Acto knife and blades and cutting mat."

"My creative process is three-fold; drawing, digital rendering, and hand-cutting. I form ideas by sketching before creating a digital template. The template is a visual guide that consists of downloaded images, my own photographs, scans from magazines and books, and vector graphics. The final step is for me to hand cut the image with an X-Acto knife."

Check her website:

Source: creative-mapping


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