Giant Snake Skeleton Sculptures by Huang Yong Ping

Chinese-French contemporary artist Huang Yong Ping created these giant snake skeleton sculptures made of aluminum and stainless steel.

This sculptures is 174-foot (53 meter) aluminum and stainless steel snake skeleton titled 'Ressort'.

The metal sculpture was commissioned for the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art at QAGOMA.

Snake is generally considered a good omen in Chinese culture.

In 2012, he created 'Serpent d’océan', a 425 feet (130 meters) aluminum sea serpent skeleton situated off the shore of the Loire River as a permanent work for the final Estuaire contemporary art exhibition.

Huang Yong Ping also create this 'Tower Snake', a spiral ramp of bamboo taking the form of a coiled snake skeleton.

The installation is made to be walked on.


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