Woven Metal Leaf and Seed Installations by Michelle Mckinney

U.K. artist Michelle Mckinney hand cuts copper, brass, or steel mesh and weave them into leaves, seeds, and butterflies, which is then colored and assembled.

"When I am working on new ideas I spend a lot of time just looking around me I am fascinated by nature and the constancy of it. I walk, take photographs, sketch and collect. My prize possession is my cabinet of curiosities in my studio in which I display all my finds."

"The changing seasons and fleeting beauty that surround me; the themes of life and death and this idea of trying to hold onto a moment are also important. My work is full of movement but with a quiet calm stillness – it is contained but has the feeling that at any moment it could float away – an ethereal quality."

"I spend many hours just working on a single form cutting forming and colouring the metal so it has a lifelike presence and sense of movement. I work from life so will collect a leaf for example or pick a flower and then try and recreate it in metal. If I cannot do it justice then I won’t use it. I am very hard on myself in that respect."

Check her website: www.michellemckinney.co.uk/

Source: thisiscolossal, whodhavethought


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