Beautiful Papercut by Marina Adamova

Moscow-based illustrator and graphic designer Marina Adamova created these beautiful papercut artworks.

"I'm a self-taught paper artist and I like difficulties. :) I feel constant self development is a necessity, so most of all I enjoy developing new ways of visual expression in my works."

"As a graphic designer, I like to experiment with lettering compositions, and a paper portrait series is my personal challenge."

"I still had a lot to learn after I graduated from British Higher School of Design. It took me three years of continuous search and hard work before I understood that paper was my way. In 2013 I started as a paper artist."

"Actually I started to promote myself as a paper artist on Instagram and Behance not long ago and I achieved 500 followers on Instagram last week, so... as they say, there's the time to throw stones and the time to gather them. I'm on the first stage, I guess."

Check her website: and instagram

Source: allthingspaper


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