Peacock Made of Spoons And Found Metal by Liddlenomnom

Reddit user “Liddlenomnom” from Northern Michigan University made this metal peacock for her final project.

She used spoons, 1300 feet of wire, a portable vegetable steamer, and a gravy boat and spent just $50 for the 23 pounds sculpture that took her over 120 hours to finished.

” The start of a feather!” The start of everything.."

“The spoons were brazed to the wire teardrops.”

“Here I realized how much longer each strand would need to be and just how much wire I as going to be using… “

“I spent about two hours arranging spoons and handles, trying to figure out the layout I liked best. I settled on this one…”

“After much searching, I finally found the perfect head: a gravy boat!”

“Starting to shape and attach the neck pieces. These were just tack welded on with the wire-feed”

“The neck is done and the entire thing is finally wrapped.”

“FINALLY! Never again.”

“For anyone wondering what it looks like up a peacock’s butt. Those are all rivet backs and washers.”

"Success!! I was slightly afraid that 3 drywall screws would not hold the weight and cantilever pull of the tail but it held in this spot for 4 days and passed the test."

“This really started out as a hobby but with the fun I’m having and the interest it has gained just from the show, I’m certainly going to continue my work once I get the necessary tools and studio space I need.”

The tail that weighs 9 pounds has to be attached to the pedestal and not the bird.

Liddlenomnom is now planning to show the peacock at the ArtPrize exhibition, after which she might sell the bird for maybe $3000 after all the time, material and workshop hours are accounted for.

Source: demilked


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