Book Alchemy by Jacqueline Rush Lee

Hawaii based artist Jacqueline Rush Lee makes sculptures out of books and other materials.

"For fifteen years, my work has focused on the book as object, medium and archetypal form. Working to reveal or transform the nature of a book, I am interested in the aesthetic of books as cultural objects that come with their own histories of use and meaning."

"By using books as a canvas or building block, I transform their formal and conceptual arrangement through a variety of practices and series of works in which the physicality, and thus the context of the books have been altered. I am interested in articulating visually that which cannot be articulated consciously; creating evocative works that are cerebral with emotional depth."

"Giving new life to the old, I have high-fired books in kilns with no clay intervention to create “Fossilized” Book Remnants. I have soaked, dried and screwed books together into tree-like forms for my Volumes Series 2001, and I’ve immersed books in inks and re-scrambled the books’ components to create book sculptures that tell a new story."

"Remaining open to the physical and metaphorical transformations that occur in my working process, my residual sculptures or installations emerge as a palimpsest – a document that bears traces of the original text within its framework but possesses a new narrative as a visual document of another time."

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