Detailed Paintings of Overly Crowded Cities by Alexis Duque

Colombia-born, New York-based artist Alexis Duque creates highly detailed paintings of over-populated capital cities in developing countries.

Each piece can take between one week to one month to complete.

"I am obsessed with imaginary cities, sometimes I like to depict futuristic architectural metropolises, and other times, I am inspired by slums and shanty towns from developing countries, overflowed with crowded objects and furniture in an uncontrollable growth of accumulation and waste."

"I prime and stretch the canvas directly on the wall, so I have the support of a solid and hard surface. Then I start by sketching with a 0.5 graphite pencil. I draw with sharp lines to define the entire structure of the work. Then I proceed to paint many smooth layers of acrylic painting, using mostly very small brushes."

Duque's paintings can be seen at at Flux Art Fair in Harlem, New York from 14 May to 17 May.

Check his website:

Source: mymodernmet


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