Relief by Yuko Nishimura

Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura transforms single sheets of handmade paper into contoured works of art in her series 'Relief'.

"Japanese people unconsciously experience the action of folding on a daily basis, and therefore encounter various folded forms. I think there must be a special meaning for Japanese people through this everyday practice, folding."

"A particular charm occurs in the simplicity with which the expression appears having never been touched by any tool."

"Only by folding one piece of paper an expressive masterpiece can be created. This is the Japanese way of folding. In order to link the past with future generations regarding the form of folding, I do not limit myself to the category of origami but consider the pursuit of any possibility of folding paper."

"To express the Japanese soul through form will continue to be passed down from generation to generation as a tangency between culture and art."

"Creating three-dimensional concrete forms by folding one piece of paper is traditional Japanese origami, and I use this essential ‘folding’ technique in my work. However I create large scale paper relief sculptures composed of narrow pleats that are made by repetitive creasing and folding, which result in accordion folds."

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Source: thewallartmagazine


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