Bottle Cap Portraits by Molly B. Right

Artist Molly B. Right created a series of portraits using overlap bottle caps and covered them in a transparent glaze. The pieces are usually 4ft x 5ft and can weigh up to 70 lbs.

”The leap from narrative paintings to the bottle cap portraits was made in 2002, as I pondered what to do with a large (4′x5″), rust stained, piece of sheet metal. The patterns of rust on the metal brought to mind the Shroud of Turin. I decided to use paint to enhance the vague suggestion of a face, and painted a man’s face on the metal. A circle of bottle caps was used to form a halo, completing the painting, Bottle Cap Jesus. I loved working in a larger scale than I had ever attempted before, and decided to make a companion piece, Mary. The bottle caps migrated from the halo to cover the entire piece. It was with that piece, that I realized that this was going to be my new path. Since then, I have created more than 100 pieces, most of which have been commissioned. Occasionally I have the opportunity to make something that is not a commissioned piece and those can be found on the page Available.”

"I find them (the bottle caps) online and most of them are unused overstock. They’re generally old; some of them date back to the ’40s. It’s usually just stuff that people have found in a case in their basement or something. They’re the sort of thing that somebody filed away."

"I start with a full-size, life-like painting and then place the bottle caps on top of the painting. The caps aren’t painted. The portraits’ color comes from the color of their logos."

"There can be challenges working with the material. I alter them by hammering them flat so that they layer. Sometimes, I hammer an edge to flatten out an edge or shape it in some way."

"Sometimes, I’m influenced by something I’ve read. Often, people come to me and they want a portrait but they don’t know what they want. I will be inspired to recommend something with meaning."

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Source: galomagazine


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