Everyday Reflections by Heikki Leis

Estonia-based artist Heikki Leis created a series of hyper-realistic pencil drawings consists of 60x60 cm portraits of local Estonians staring into a mirror doing ordinary things such as washing their face, tweezing their eyebrows or brushing their teeth, called 'Everyday Reflections'.

"The main subject of my drawings are people. I try to depict them as real as they are with all their wrinkles, hair and forms, without any embellishments or glorification."

"That is why I like to draw older people since their faces have been marked by a lifetime of stories."

"I also find people's hands to be very characteristic and expressive and they are heavily featured in my drawings."

Check his website: http://www.heikkileis.ee/heikkileis.html

Source: dailymail


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