Five Book Week Scotland Sculptures

Remember the Scotland's mystery book sculptor? (previously here). In November 2012, as part of Book Week Scotland the sculptor agreed to make five more sculptures inspired by classic Scottish stories that were to be hidden around the country.

First sculpture - found on 26 November 2012 at Glasgow School of Art. The sculpture inspired by Alasdair Gray's classic novel Lanark: A Life in Four Books. The finder's prize was a sculpture of a small teacup with elements of the Lanark theme.

Online clues to their whereabouts were released between 26 and 30 November 2012. The person to reach it first each day received a paper sculpture trophy in the shape of a teacup, themed on the book and reading "A winning cup and a good book - the perfect combination" on the top.

Second sculpture - found at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway. The sculpture was based on the Robert Burns poem "Tam O' Shanter" - which is set in Alloway.

The finder's prize was a teacup featuring a horse's tail, a reference to the poem.

Third sculpture - found at the Am Politician pub on the Isle of Eriskay, where the nine pupils of the Eriskay Primary School found the sculpture based on the Compton Mackenzie novel Whisky Galore.

The finder's prize was a teacup with a bottle labelled 'whisky galore' on the top.

Fourth sculpture - found at J M Barrie's birthplace in Kirriemuir, and was based on Peter Pan.

The finder's prize was a teacup with a hook-tipped spout.

Fifth sculpture - found at the Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick, and was based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

The finder's prize was a teacup with a palm tree on the top

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Source: wikipedia


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