Intricate Stitched Portraits by Maria E. Piñeres

Colombia-born Los Angeles-based artist Maria E. Piñeres creates these intricate portraits of people.

"Portraiture has always been one of my favorite subjects in art. When I first started needlepointing, I did some portraits but they were very simple. I came back around to doing them recently, I think now that I know the medium better I can experiment in a more painterly way which makes it challenging."

"I pick my image, usually from a photo sitting I’ve done. I will sometimes tweak the color and contrast and play with cropping in Photoshop. Then, I print it out to size. Once I splice the canvas together, I lay the print over and I cut away at the print as I figure out color and patterns to block in the areas."

Check her exhibition titled 'Sittings' at Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles till 23 May.

Check her website:

Source: mymodernmet


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