Watercolor Paintings by Karl Mårtens

San Francisco-born artist Karl Mårtens creates beautiful watercolor paintings using Japanese and Chinese calligraphy brushes.

"In painting and calligraphy, the first stroke is the most important. It comes from nothing and manifests something."

Karl paint all of his works from memory, using watercolor and charcoal on hand-made paper.

"When we paint from our true feelings, we all paint something beautiful."

"I look at a bird and a specific expression or posture, which particularly expresses the personality of the bird, sticks in my mind. Then I paint..."

"Just as the union of calligraphy ink and paper always provides unexpected results, so does the watercolor on this rough hand made paper. Especially when calligraphy brushes are used. Each paper reacts differently to the medium. Sometimes it absorbs immediately, and other times it doesn’t absorb at all. A simple brush provides less control than fine one, and sometimes the opposite is true. This uncertainty is what inspires me. What will happen this time? In order to give life to some areas I sometimes use salt on the paper, which creates unexpected patterns as the paint dries. All in order to confront the unexpected."

Check his website: http://www.karlmartens.se/eng/index.html


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