Ocean-Inspired Ceramic Sculptures by Denise Romecki

Central Ohio-based artist Denise Romecki creates these ocean-inspired ceramic sculptures using stoneware clay that requires at least two kiln firings.

"The mystery and beauty of nature is the inspirational force behind my work. Growing up near Presque Isle State Park on the shores of Lake Erie the seed was planted for a life long relationship with the outdoors. I feel a heightened awareness and a spiritual renewal when hiking, walking a beach, or just being in my garden."

"Through my hands clay becomes the connection between my creative process and the diverse power of nature. Narrative, symbolic, or decorative, my organic sculptures bring to mind the raw elements of trees, plants, earth, and water."

"Each piece is original, hand sculpted in stoneware clay requiring at least two kiln firings. Originally from Erie, PA, I received my BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design and MFA from The Ohio State University. I have been exhibiting my work since 1978 and my work can be found in many businesses and private homes throughout the country."

"Natural clay as a raw material is a gift of the earth. Clay sculpture is a means to honor that gift. My artwork has always been inspired by the natural world of forests, plants, rocks, oceans, and animals. Attracted by the infinite shapes, colors, and textures they have to offer and the inner affect that they have on our souls. But where does man fit in, how have we helped or hindered the natural order of things? I continue to reflect on this subject and draw on the ancient beliefs of many of the American Indians; that all things have a spirit and deserve our respect."

Check her website: http://www.deniseromecki.com/index.html


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