3D Painted Art by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew

Thai artist Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew paints (as well as prints with an inkjet) multiple layers on the canvas and on the thread and netting to create these stunning works of three-dimensional art.

"What I try to do in my art is to illustrate and explain the inevitable cycle of birth, life, and death. I also want to show in my work the people who are important to me. I start from the things that are most important to me, and one of the most important things is my relationship with my mother. My mother is my motivation and inspiration. I try to put the feelings that I have for my mother into my work using my mind and the skills that I have."

"For me, it all starts with the relationship that I have with my mother. Everyone has to lose the ones they love, but I don’t want to. As I see my mother every day growing older, growing weaker, I know she will eventually be gone from me. It makes me fearful and I worry. But I also know it is a part of life. I would like my art to tell people and teach people the truth of life. I would like my art to give the message to people that they should take care of the ones they love. I don’t know if all the people that see my art can feel that way, but I hope they feel that the people they love are close and loved, no matter how far away they are."

"I want to produce art that shows the uncertainty and sadness associated with the changes in stage of life."

"It took my quite a long time to develop my concept. The layers help represent the complexity of life and relationships and all of the stages of life. The actual technique started with a mosquito net and things seen through the netting. I intentionally draw the threads through the netting and leave them drooping to suggest a life flowing, of aging, and physical degeneration. It is part of my concept that people have to look through my work, not just at it. People have to see my work and experience it and not just look at a photograph. It is impossible to replicate my work in a photograph."

Source: tallpoppiesart


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