Steel Wire Sculptures by Gavin Worth

Cairo, Egypt-based self-taught artist, illustrator and designer Gavin Worth created these wire sculpting.

"By bending black wire into something of freestanding line drawings, I create sculptures that engage the viewer by involving them in their subtle changes."

"When the light in the room shifts, so does the mood of the piece. A breeze might softly move an arm. My wire sculptures tell stories of simple human moments: a woman adjusting her hair, a face gazing from behind tightly wrapped arms, a mother gently cradling her baby. The honest, unguarded moments are the ones that I find to be the most beautiful."

He also made this sculpture illusion that seems like a clump of wires until you look at it from just the right angle, called 'And Light Fell On Her Face Through Heavy Darkness', using 125 steel bars and stood over 6 feet high.

Check his website:


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