Hyper-realistic Paintings by Linnea Strid

Stockholm, Sweden-based artist Linnea Strid creates these hyper-realistic oil paintings depict intriguing portraits of people conveyed through water.

"Most of my pieces are like snap shots of my (or someone else’s) every day life, and most likely there's a small twist added to it, in the painting itself or in the title. Like some sort of underlying irony, a more serious or political touch, contradictory feelings, or something else. I really do enjoy working in a photo realistic style, it’s always been “my” medium of expression, ever since I was a kid I knew that it was what I did best and what I liked to do most."

"Art can be viewed in different ways, and one person can look at a piece that I've made and just think "oh, that's a pretty picture, it's very well done". I don’t judge people who can’t spot anything more in my work than that, and it’s ok. But after a first glance you can also come to the conclusion that a painting like "Rinse and exhale" can tell you some sort of alternative story, like why is she taking a shower with her clothes on? And the water running on her face, is it only water or are they tears? I don't want to be too obvious when I make a painting, I want the viewer to decide what it means and what the painting is telling them."

Check her website: http://www.linneastrid.se/

Source: mymodernmet


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